Coker-Brown School of Riding Ltd

Our Ponies​

Button-Moon (Button)

11hh Dartmoor Cross gelding. Button is now retired at 27! He spends his days roaming the yard with Dewi, and getting lots of cuddles and treats. He loves to be groomed, and has a very friendly personality! 


Dewi is a 12.2hh Welsh Section B gelding. He is also retired. He spent many years being a brilliant riding school pony and taught many children to ride! He now roams the yard with Button, Dewi enjoys his space, and keeps himself to himself, but he has a big personality.


Bling is a 9 year old Dartmoor pony, She has been with us since she was 4! We got Bling and Creamy together and they have both been backed and brought on by us. Bling is a willing, sweet pony who will always try her best for her rider. 


Creamy is a 8 year old Dartmoor pony, she came to us, with Bling, when she was 3. Creamy loves to be brushed, she is a very good model for teaching the stable management with too! She loves people and is always up for a fuss.


Hanky is a 11.2hh Dartmoor pony. Hanky loves the younger children and is brilliant for them. She loves to be led, she loves to be brushed and plaited.

(Lucky) Lady

Lady is a 14hh New Forest cross. She is very sweet, inquisitive and friendly. She loves to please everyone, so always tries her hardest. She has a very loving nature, and likes what she knows.


13hh, Welsh Section C Gelding. Major is a great pony for everyone, he is brilliant for the younger more inexperienced riders, but he is also good fun for the riders wanting to challenge themselves! He has a big personality and loves to be with the other ponies. 


Perry is a 13.3hh Welsh Section C gelding. He is the newest addition to the yard, and is proving to enjoy his job, he is very reliable in his ways, and will always look after whoever is on him. 


Ripple is a 13.3hh New Forest cross, she loves to be brushed. She is ridden by everyone and adjusts to suit her rider. She is brilliant to teach stable management with, she puts up with everything!


Splodger joined us in the summer of 2019, he has a very big personality. He loves people, and he can work very nicely with a determined rider. 

Sweet Lord (Lordy)

Lordy is a 13hh Dartmoor pony. He is an amazing pony for the riding school, he will do everything asked of him. He loves the younger children, especially when they give him treats. He loves to be brushed, and stands perfectly when teaching with him.